Do you know where you’re going to?

An evocative song of Diana Ross! It is a brilliant composition and she sang this in Las Vegas in a splendid arrangement.

A part of the song goes like this: “Do you know what you’re hoping for? When you look behind you there’s no open door, What are you hoping for?” This part does quite reflective to me.

The moment I heard the song, I remembered the book that I bought in 2004. The powerful book of Stephen Covey called “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.


It is truly an influential reading! It entails lessons to personal change. And believe it or not, it did help me waged war while working in the corporate world.



In the corporate world with the bosses….


This is actually my second opportunity to write stuff about this awe-inspiring book. The first one was during the time that I was writing out monthly newsletter for my company in the Middle East. What is then the significance of Diana Ross song? It is interrelated to Habit 2 of the 7 habits. It is in the aspect of being fully aware of your destination.

Begin with the end in mind, says Stephen Covey.

How many times this question was asked when you were a child: What do you want to be when you grow up? This is exactly the subject. How many of us knew the answer then? Indeed, we are so fortunate if we are blessed to know what is deeply important to us in our lives, and we are mindful of the right direction. But whether we accept or not, we are bound to commit mistakes and struggle. We get busy, we aim to be efficient but  to be effective is our concern.

Begin with the end in mind according to the book is based on the principle that all things are created twice. Mental, being the first creation and physical, the second creation. To bend yourself into the habit, you should develop a personal mission statement. Then again, if we do not ripen our self-awareness and become responsible mentally, it would be difficult to pursue effectiveness.

We must begin at the very center of our circle of influence to write a personal mission statement. There are four factors to follow through with alternative centers in tow. Are we self-centered? Money centered? Possession centered? Spouse centered? These, you all can learn from the book.

I suggest you buy the book which is readily available in bookshops.

Lessons are not given, they are taken. – Cesare Pavese



A Woman of Substance

I am currently reading the novel, A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford.  This is a novel that depicts a woman who was then a young kitchen maid and who muddled through a lot of sweats to become a woman of substance – a rich and powerful one.


As a woman myself, I really have high regards for personalities like the main character named Emma. In my generation (Generation X), you barely meet a woman like Emma who becomes sophisticated and dauntless from a merely poor teenage servant.

A Woman of Substance.  Does anybody exist like her in this era? Or do you know anybody like her?

Nowadays you get to know a lot of insensitive women who doesn’t care in any way about you and the environment.  Let’s say you are her colleague, but you don’t belong to her team and don’t have interaction at all as regards your tasks then this is all right. For sure, this is not the type of a girl who loves to gossip and say nasty things behind your back. But sometimes a girl friend of yours whom you trust and get along with for a long period of time will betray you. And oh, it will amount to malign you in public! From the wall of her Facebook account, she is chattering strangely.  She is busy miscalculating your real thoughts. She thought that you are annoyed or outraged with her behavior, just because she knows herself too well.  This happens this day and age especially that social media is now a part of our daily lives.

Anyway, you only have the power to control yourself and you do not have the right to complain about other’s behavior. My daughter often tells me that I am a racist. During our light moments, I say things that I do not really mean but I do have a rationalization each time, why I am stating such. At the end of the day, you cannot change anything in a person, you can only criticize. I am a woman of humanity. Will you believe?

Why is my subject pouring out like this?  Indeed, I have not met a woman of substance.  So I suggest that you read the book. It will intensify your way of thinking. And will balance your philosophies, wisdom, and impressions.

There is a sequel of the novel – Emma’s Secret.




My True Purpose

During early stages in grade school, I remembered that I was being bullied by a dark-skinned peer.  Yelling at the top of her voice, “Big eyes, big eyes!”  I may be an ugly duckling when I was a little girl but contrary to her squabbling, my eyes aren’t round enough to be weighed up as big ones. Fortunately, I think I possess an almond type of eyes. You cannot avoid feeling snappy when someone bullies you, despises you or picks holes on you. It truly challenged the whole of you as a little girl. You will then tend to lose confidence in yourself and will make you avoid getting out of your shell.


But once you have reached maturity, you will begin to uncover yourself. Explore on seizing up for own happiness and discover your true purpose in life. As regards myself, I began to wonder what really is happiness to me during a time that I had to make a crucial choice. A decision that had to break my independent lifestyle, a turning point in my life!

I struggled for how many months after that decisive moment until I stumbled on looking for books to read. From then on, I was buying a lot and made it a leisure pursuit on collecting good pieces, finding their way into my life. I squirreled away a lot of them & remain untouched in the bookshelves. Undeniably, it is one therapy of seeking true happiness in my own way.

Traveling to some nice places in the world has found me an uplifting road in learning to cope with displeasures in life as well and another therapy in discovering happiness.


My travel to Seoul, South Korea


A visit to Singapore

How many of you are on a journey to fulfillment and happiness?



My journey to the Statue of Liberty


I believe that my true purpose in life will be realized soon.  I have to dwell on it.


Chiropractic: An Alternative Medical Solution

Chiropractic is known to be a drug-free and surgery-free kind of care, a method of relieving pain. It is an alternative medicine dedicated to treatments for illnesses relating to the nervous systems or musculoskeletal systems.  Chiropractors believe that a natural approach to alleviating patient’s health thru the body characteristic of healing itself is an element. It is then the duty of the chiropractor to make this possible to achieve the patient’s health goals and improve their conditions.  In brief, chiropractic is a natural system of care that understands nature’s ways.


(credit to the owner of this image)

Medical research and studies proved that chiropractic benefits help to improve the following medical conditions:


Lower Back Pain & Neck Pain

Headaches – Tension & Migraine

Colic & Ear Infections

Neurological Conditions

Blood Pressure

Frozen Shoulder





Chiropractic as a system of relieving pain may correct the problems that caused the pain rather than settle to a temporary relief by taking medications.

The first chiropractic adjustment took place and developed in 1895, tried on a partially deaf janitor, by a magnetic healer named Daniel David Palmer of Davenport, Iowa. Mr. Palmer then concocted the term “Chiropractic” for his manual therapy technique, which was derived from two Greek words (which means “with hands”).

From then on, millions of people around the world have relied on the remarkable benefits of Chiropractic. Although there are some misconceptions about it, it is quite a reverse because chiropractic programs encompassed an entire year of PHD-level advanced nutrition training. In fact, it is promoted and recognized to live pain-free and well with a proper Chiropractic care!




Hakuna Matata…No worries!

Remember the movie “The Lion King”?  “Hakuna Matata” is a song in this film and sung by the characters, Simba, Timon & Pumbaa.  The warbling of the song displayed exuberance, what with these creatures acting out fantastically thru the tunes and you get to wiggle…..

And it boosts your energy saying this every day:


(credit to the owner of this image)

You do not have to think of anything but bright ones and be hopeful.

Hakuna Matata is a famous Swahili phrase which means “ No worries”.  Such a wonderful phrase! Which makes me wonder how people like me, who is a worrier, failed to uncover the true meaning of Hakuna Matata. Anyhow, it is not too late, “don’t worry, be happy”, so they say. At the end of the day, we will not stop learning until our last breath.

One of the things that pep me up during tough times, is going on nature hopping. It really makes me feel at PEACE with myself. The sea….I love the sea, its calmness, and cool breeze. And may I also add that at work, I am a learned marine underwriter. I admit that it is in my personality that I do like things relating to marine.

I have gone to a lot of breathtaking beaches in the United Arab Emirates, take a look:


Jumeirah Beach at dusk


The Fujairah Beach


The Umm Al Quwain Beach

The sea makes me experience real quietude and the urge to care for myself which I neglected for a time.

Still, on a positive note, I will end my blog thru this avowal:


(credit to the owner of this image)

Hakuna Matata……la la la la….

Melancholy Emerges Unexpectedly

Sometimes you feel sad without any reason at all.  I am an extrovert as I portrayed often but I feel that I am an introvert as well.  Maybe a cross between them, I am not so sure.  What do you think I am when by chance I attended a funeral mass while in a foreign land? I will share the details of the incident. Because I was late for the 5:30 P.M. mass, I stayed longer for a warm-hearted prayer.  Obviously, it was my first time in that church. I sat in the 5th row.  The altar server was asking me if I ‘m going to attend the mass and if I will I should move forward.  I was told to get the book for the mass as well. I smiled sweetly as I was glad there is still a mass. When I saw the book, it was written Mass for a funeral (it was a special mass, not the funeral itself).

I said to myself:  “It is still a mass”.  I have moved then to the 3rd row. It was a very solemn mass and I was so engrossed with it. Until I found out that I have seated along with the family members of the departed one.  After the mass, they were asking everyone to join them for a dinner that they have prepared in the function room of the church.  Do you think I will go in if I am an introvert? I did not.  So your guess is as good as mine.


The Church


I maybe a melancholic- type as far as temperament is concerned, because more often than not, I am analytical and quiet.  Dissecting it deeply, yes I agree that  I am melancholic. But a person with a melancholic type of a personality is a perfectionist introvert so they say. Maybe I am a perfectionist introvert, I do regret.

I am expressing my thoughts about melancholy as this year has brought me tough challenges that made me feel lethargic. Though I have embraced it positively. No worries at all, I should look at the bright side.

I recall that in 2015, my friend Alerose, was encouraging me to visit South Korea. We both love  this country’s culture and it was time to pack our bags in February  this year when we were feeling wretch about adversities in work life that we were trying to put behind us even for a while.

So we flew to this lovely place.

img_0937-2    Alerose in Nami Island


Gyeongbokgung Palace with Alerose and local ladies


Myself in front of the National Museum


Sat for a cup of coffee at  Starbucks Namsan Tower


Alerose with Winter Sonata couple at Nami Island


Bearing the coldness at Nami Island


Tasting the South Korean food at Myeongdong

We have so much fun in Seoul and looking forward to visiting again in the future.

Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun

Anime.Sushi. Cherry Blossom. Manga.Ramen. Geisha. When you overhear these words, there is always a smile on your face if you are infatuated with anything Japanese. And this is how my daughter, Ina grew up, she loves  Japanese stuff weirdly. It began with “Anime”.

Japan Travel – October 2015

We have planned our tour to Japan and save up the money needed in 2 years time. My travel buddy, no other than my youngest daughter, Ina had organized it. She then traveled from the Philippines and I departed from Dubai.

1st Stop – Osaka

We booked our accommodation as usual via Ina flew a day before me and while waiting for me, she visited the Universal Studios.

 This is her selfie at USJ
A glimpse where Ina stayed at Osaka for 1 day
And we met at a room in Osaka the next day….500 meters away from the nearest train station.
Something happened to me while I was at the Immigration at Kansai International Airport. I was not able to get a copy of the accommodation print-out with the address. I only had the property directions. As a result, I was told to stay in the queue by the immigration officer. Stupid me! The officer requested me then to asked assistance from the staff guiding the tourists in the queue. They were not familiar with the place shown on the directions sheet either. The officer then directed me to call my daughter but my Dubai mobile number had not been activated to roaming mode at that time.A wifi was not available as well and I was then stationary for 25 minutes. With a little of disbelief, the officer called my attention and directed that I must  write all the details pertaining to my daughter. I had a feeling that he had realized that holding me that long is of little worth. So then I was permitted to leave. But there was a  consequence, I had to show them all the stuff in my luggage. Banzai!
  Ready for our sightseeing in Kyoto
Kyoto Journey
At Kinkaku-Ji Temple
At Nara


Ina was captivated with all the fussy things she encountered in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo, Chiba & Narita.


At Tokyo Tower Ground


At Harajuku


At Chiba, persimmon tree at the background….