How Archery Affects the Life of A Person

I came across a lot of blogs about Archery. And I feel the urge to read more about it. Some find the sports therapeutic, some find it costly to have it as a leisure pursuit. It is a form of relaxation to many. For me, it is an out of the ordinary hobby. But anyone can take Archery up, you will never know that this can be the sport that you have a natural aptitude of. Discover it buddy!
At the outset, I have gathered some information from a Newsletter about Archery. Thus,I can say thatArchery is a sport of balance.By engaging with it, you will have a great sense of balance to show on similar activities.  I came to know as well  that you can learn discipline and patience if you indulged with Archery or hunting. You gain patience because Archery is about precision and not speed. Precision means it will take time.
Moreover, they may say that it is of elite kind of an interest but benefits such as above are incomparable.
Not to mention that this sport needs considerable strength,endurance, and focus. This then will aid you to keep your body fit and healthy. And the focus as a reward from this said activity may help manage high-pressure conditions that you may encounter in your day to day life.archery-images-2
   (credit to the owner of the image)
It is also interesting to note that the basic archery steps can be learned without the assistance of an instructor. The basic steps are:
ü  Stance
ü  Nocking the Arrow
ü  Set-up
ü  Draw and Load
ü  Anchor
ü  Transfer and Hold
ü  Aim and Expand
ü  Release
ü  Follow Through
The mere mentioning of the moves,I feel so alienated and sounds like I am still wet behind the ears.
Stay focused – this is a constant advice from trainers when playing Archery.(As I mentioned earlier, one of the benefits of Archery is developing a positive focus.) Archery leaders believe that by doing this you can develop proper archery shooting forms and techniques. And that according to them, the sole effective way to shoot well  is thru a  solid and consistent anchor position. Those who are no longer new in Archery can attest to this.
Citing great archers in the world. I would like to share this news and updates.
Do you know that in East Asia, Goguryeo,one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea was well known for its regiments of exceptionally skilled archers? And that South Korea now, has a lot of  brilliant archers who excel in Olympics Games? I can name three of them.
A couple, Park Sung-Hyun & Park Kyung-Mo both won medals in the Olympics. They made to the World Archery’s list of the greatest Olympic archers of all time.park-sung
 Park Sung-Hyun (credit to the owner of this photo)
Park Kyung-Mo (credit to the owner of the photo)
They are both coach professionals currently and in the recent Rio Olympics, they represented SBS TV Channel as commentators.
Archery champion (Women’s event) during the 2012 London Olympics is also a Korean by the name,Ki Bo Bae. She once commented by exposing one of her techniques: “Keep your balance from the moment you lift the bow until you let go of the string like feeling both your arms are falling away.” She mentioned as well  that an archer must train with running and weightlifting in order to achieve the best shoot.


   Ki Bo Bae aiming her shot  (credit to the owner of the photo)
Incidentally, I do love Korean culture and its people. They are loveable.
On that note, I conclude my topic in Archery and I hope to share a blog about hunting soon.

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