I love books!

Sidney Sheldon. James Patterson. John Grisham.Elizabeth Gilbert. Paulo Coelho.Danielle Steel. Adele Parks. Stephen King. Anne Rice.Martina Reilly. Barbara Taylor Bradford. Sophie Hannah. Helena Firth Powell.Dale Brown. Emily Barr. Dan Brown.Victoria Alexander.Koji Suzuki. Holly Peterson.
These are the authors of my book collections.
Step on a crack, break your mother’s back…this is a myth!


I enjoyed reading this book. Maybe you all know that James Patterson is a master of the suspense genre. I like his way of injecting mystery to his novels….How brilliant!
This is the plot as exactly specified in the book: Patterson and Ledwidge introduce a new hero in an exciting thriller set in the heart of Manhattan. NYPD detective Michael Bennett is concentrating on getting his family through a particularly difficult Christmas: he and his 10 adopted children are facing the loss to cancer of his brave wife, Maeve. But a major crisis calls him away: the funeral of a former First Lady at St. Patrick’s Cathedral goes horribly awry when men storm the church and take hundreds of attendees hostage. Michael is asked to try to reason with a sinister man named Jack. Jack releases all but the most famous people and makes his demands: he wants several million dollars from each celebrity hostage, including the mayor, a popular comedic actor, a beloved talk show host, and a pop starlet. Once Jack starts killing, Michael realizes he’s up against a truly diabolical foe. Patterson has a knack for creating genuinely likable heroes, and Michael fits the bill. As readers rapidly turn the pages to learn how the tense hostage drama plays out, they will also be sympathizing with Michael as he faces the agonizing loss of his wife. Totally gripping and downright impossible to put down, this is a promising start to a potential new series. (credit to the author)
My review:
Awesome book. Great characters. Brilliant story line. I recommend this to suspense thriller lovers!
I am blowing my own trumpet….I have visited St. Patrick Cathedral in July 2014. The church where the hostage took place (NYC setting). Here are the photos I have taken:
It was undergoing construction at the time we dropped by at the cathedral. Goosebumps!
I will be featuring other books soon.

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