Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun

Anime.Sushi. Cherry Blossom. Manga.Ramen. Geisha. When you overhear these words, there is always a smile on your face if you are infatuated with anything Japanese. And this is how my daughter, Ina grew up, she loves  Japanese stuff weirdly. It began with “Anime”.

Japan Travel – October 2015

We have planned our tour to Japan and save up the money needed in 2 years time. My travel buddy, no other than my youngest daughter, Ina had organized it. She then traveled from the Philippines and I departed from Dubai.

1st Stop – Osaka

We booked our accommodation as usual via airbnb.com. Ina flew a day before me and while waiting for me, she visited the Universal Studios.

 This is her selfie at USJ
A glimpse where Ina stayed at Osaka for 1 day
And we met at a room in Osaka the next day….500 meters away from the nearest train station.
Something happened to me while I was at the Immigration at Kansai International Airport. I was not able to get a copy of the accommodation print-out with the address. I only had the property directions. As a result, I was told to stay in the queue by the immigration officer. Stupid me! The officer requested me then to asked assistance from the staff guiding the tourists in the queue. They were not familiar with the place shown on the directions sheet either. The officer then directed me to call my daughter but my Dubai mobile number had not been activated to roaming mode at that time.A wifi was not available as well and I was then stationary for 25 minutes. With a little of disbelief, the officer called my attention and directed that I must  write all the details pertaining to my daughter. I had a feeling that he had realized that holding me that long is of little worth. So then I was permitted to leave. But there was a  consequence, I had to show them all the stuff in my luggage. Banzai!
  Ready for our sightseeing in Kyoto
Kyoto Journey
At Kinkaku-Ji Temple
At Nara


Ina was captivated with all the fussy things she encountered in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo, Chiba & Narita.


At Tokyo Tower Ground


At Harajuku


At Chiba, persimmon tree at the background….

One thought on “Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun

  1. Japan…a place to visit in my bucket list…my son and his family introduced me to japanese food and from then on I began to love it too…nice pictures…never mind the mix up at the airport, it’s a part of the travelling experience…can’t wait to have my travel time soon too…

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