Melancholy Emerges Unexpectedly

Sometimes you feel sad without any reason at all.  I am an extrovert as I portrayed often but I feel that I am an introvert as well.  Maybe a cross between them, I am not so sure.  What do you think I am when by chance I attended a funeral mass while in a foreign land? I will share the details of the incident. Because I was late for the 5:30 P.M. mass, I stayed longer for a warm-hearted prayer.  Obviously, it was my first time in that church. I sat in the 5th row.  The altar server was asking me if I ‘m going to attend the mass and if I will I should move forward.  I was told to get the book for the mass as well. I smiled sweetly as I was glad there is still a mass. When I saw the book, it was written Mass for a funeral (it was a special mass, not the funeral itself).

I said to myself:  “It is still a mass”.  I have moved then to the 3rd row. It was a very solemn mass and I was so engrossed with it. Until I found out that I have seated along with the family members of the departed one.  After the mass, they were asking everyone to join them for a dinner that they have prepared in the function room of the church.  Do you think I will go in if I am an introvert? I did not.  So your guess is as good as mine.


The Church


I maybe a melancholic- type as far as temperament is concerned, because more often than not, I am analytical and quiet.  Dissecting it deeply, yes I agree that  I am melancholic. But a person with a melancholic type of a personality is a perfectionist introvert so they say. Maybe I am a perfectionist introvert, I do regret.

I am expressing my thoughts about melancholy as this year has brought me tough challenges that made me feel lethargic. Though I have embraced it positively. No worries at all, I should look at the bright side.

I recall that in 2015, my friend Alerose, was encouraging me to visit South Korea. We both love  this country’s culture and it was time to pack our bags in February  this year when we were feeling wretch about adversities in work life that we were trying to put behind us even for a while.

So we flew to this lovely place.

img_0937-2    Alerose in Nami Island


Gyeongbokgung Palace with Alerose and local ladies


Myself in front of the National Museum


Sat for a cup of coffee at  Starbucks Namsan Tower


Alerose with Winter Sonata couple at Nami Island


Bearing the coldness at Nami Island


Tasting the South Korean food at Myeongdong

We have so much fun in Seoul and looking forward to visiting again in the future.


3 thoughts on “Melancholy Emerges Unexpectedly

    1. Gamsappunman anila, dongsaeng….Bogoshipo!

      I will always miss those days when we were together….Just keep in touch. For now, I am busy with jig-eop hunting.

      No worries..will call when needed.


  1. Annyeonghasaeyo Unni! Orinman-iya. Gwenchanayo? Bianhaeyo, it took me sometime to leave a comment.
    I actually was dumbfounded the first time i read your post… and immediately pressuring my brain what things to say. But the first thing that came to mind is to say ‘Thank You’, well for everything when we’re still hitting it off, the times we’ve had and shared. I will never forget them all. So, if it happens that you’re feeling melancholic again, just remember that im just a call away or rather i’m just a skype away. Chukaheyo Unni. Annyeong!

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