Travel To Remember

My dream of visiting New York was fulfilled….It was really my dream as a child to see New York. This took place in April 2012. Have a glimpse!


My friend, Johanna brought me to Serendipity Restaurant and ate this ice cream sundae…so yummy!


A tribute to John Lennon…at Central Park.


Another view at Central Park.


Who would not want to see the NBC News Building?


The Wall Street


 Broadway. We watched Sisters Act, it was a fun and lovely evening with my friends, the very first time I have viewed a broadway musical. A night to keep in journals.


Empire Estate Building. Just took a photo while traversing the road nearby as our tour did not include going inside the building.


Fashion Avenue at night. We did not miss to go around here even it was so late at night and shops were closed.
Statue of Liberty, a view from the cruise ship.
Times Square view.
Indeed a visit that can not be erased in mind.

On Herbal Teas And A Chum

I have discovered a lot during my eleven (11) years stay in Dubai, among other things, good herbal teas that suit my taste. Not to mention the benefits that would contribute to our health.

I am most fascinated with hibiscus tea. It was my friend, Janice (IG: jhanizelopez) who introduced it to me. Many thanks to you, my favourite dongsaeng! You have showered me the best of things during the months that I had encountered a number of challenges in my life, just when I needed a chum to be near me. I really did appreciate you standing by my side despite working overtime with work and family.

Janice and her family have already migrated to Winnipeg, Canada. I sorely miss her and her family. Though we chat over FB and IG.


This is Janice and me when we had coffee at Mikel Dubai few days before their flight to Canada.
The Hibiscus Tea

Janice usually asked me to drop by her flat and as always, she made it a point that she prepares something over lunch or dinner that her family will enjoy (including myself ha ha!). That was where/when I discovered about this amazing tea. One time, after having our lunch, she served this tea.The color was so attractive. She has prepared it with lemon slices which made it more refreshing to my taste buds.



credit to the owner of this photo
According to her, she used to drink this after lunch or dinner when fatty foods are served. In a nutshell, this tea is good in lowering bad cholesterol in our body. The hibiscus tea (she prepared) were made out of dried flowers (of hibiscus), See the image below (credit to the owner).


We call it “gumamela” flower in the Philippines. There are a lot of varieties of Hibiscus by the way.

After this encounter, I began searching for hibiscus dried flowers. She bought them from Farmers’ Market On the Terrace during its season in 2015 at the Emirates Towers. When the Farmers’ Market opened in April 2016, I tried searching for the place. At that time, it opened in Business Bay Avenue just at the side of the Taj Hotel. Unfortunately, hibiscus dried flowers were no longer available.

One incredible story that Janice told me, which she kept on mentioning: An old lady in her neighborhood once revealed (to Janice) about her problem in blood pressure, so Janice thought about sharing some of these dried hibiscus flowers. After awhile, she came to her asking where to buy these stuff as after drinking it and finishing them, her BP has improved a lot. Amazing, right?

This story proved that the researched studies about the health benefits of Hibiscus are true.

Hibiscus tea health benefits cover relief from high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol, including digestive, immune system, and inflammatory problems. It aids to cure liver disease and reduces the risk of cancer. This tea may also speed up the metabolism and facilitate a healthy, gradual weight loss.

Please go to: for further information about hibiscus benefits.
Hibiscus tea packs sold in supermarkets or grocery stores are herbal teas made as an infusion from crimson or deep magenta-coloured sepals of the Hibiscus sabdariffa flower. It can be prepared both hot and cold. It has a cranberry-like flavour, and sugar is often added to have a sweet flavor.
Since I have not found any dried flowers to buy yet, I just have to be contented with the Lipton label for the time being. I bought some in Dubai where herbal infusion teas are abundant.


Incidentally,we have some hibiscus plants in our garden. I am collecting the withered ones and when the sun comes up (it is raining these days), I will have to dry them up and voila, I will have an organic tea on my breakfast table.


My observation:
This is also good for treating infections. It helped me relieved with my urine infection a month ago. So grateful that I discovered Hibiscus. Try it…..